Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red, White and Blue

When I think of summer, the most significant event that comes to mind is the celebration of the Declaration of Independence in the US on July 4. Fireworks, watermelon and "Old Glory" have naturally become symbolic of this holiday. I just had to take a walk through Zibbet this afternoon, looking for some red, white and blue. Here are a few great items that I found...

Can't you just see your picnic table set with these patriotic crocheted envelopes from All About the Buttons?

This flag button from Portable Graffiti would make a great party favor for each guest at your July 4 picnic.

I think that a basket filled with this handpainted patriotic baseballs from Yummy Cuppy Crafts would make the perfect centerpiece for your July 4 picnic table!

This very patriotic wreath from Wreaths by Robin will welcome your guests to the picnic with a huge splash of red, white and blue.

So you aren't the hostess of a July 4 gathering this year? This vintage brooch from Petit Poulailler would make a fantastic gift for the hostess of the picnic you'll be attending!

I hope you've enjoyed these Americana items that I spotted on Zibbet. There are many more great items there for your shopping pleasure so please stop in and take a look around! And whatever your Independence Day plans include, I wish for you a safe and happy July 4, 2011!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

You're invited...

...to join the fun and excitement of selling your handmade, fine art, vintage and/or craft supply items on Zibbet for just $69 per year! That's just $5.75 per month. There's more! Pay no listing fees or sales commissions. And, for as long as you keep your account active (with no lapses in your subscription) you'll never pay more than $69 per year. That's right. This is a locked in price offer that lasts a lifetime.

If you're currently selling on another venue (or two or three) there's nothing wrong with that. But if you're not selling on Zibbet, you're missing a grand opportunity to grow with a company that is up and coming. With only 491 annual Premium subscriptions remaining for $69 (as of this writing), now is the time to sign up and lock in this great price.

So, what will you get for $69 per year? Here are just a few of the great Premium features available on Zibbet:
  • Unlimited listings. Fill your shop with hundreds of great items!
  • Shop customization features including widgets, colors and several choices of banner size.
  • Sales mode and coupons.
  • Eight images of each item.
  • Zibbet homepage exposure.
  • Gift Guide participation.
To see all of the great Premium only features, visit Zibbet's Sell page for a side-by-side comparison with Basic shop features.

Once you've gotten settled in at Zibbet, I think you'll agree that "There's no place like Zibbet!" So come join us today and let the fun and excitement begin!

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