Friday, May 28, 2010

Country Rose Artwork ~ Found Only on Zibbet!

Vicky Greene of Country Rose Artwork, dreams of one day having her own “one woman art show” at New York’s Chelsea art gallery. Vicky’s art is varied, reflecting phases of growing and learning throughout her life. Vicky enjoys using various media to express dimension and personality. As a child, Vicky dreamed of becoming an airline stewardess. After discovering that she was too short for that career, Vicky chose another path. Inspired by her uncle, Lloyd Menard, a well known artist, Vicky decided that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Vicky says that her best friend would describe her as being a bubbly, thoughtful, family-orientated and adventurous person. Vicky describes herself as “dependable” and a “project‐queen” and of course, an artist. When you look at Vicky’s art, I think that you will see all of these characteristics!

Vicky says that her favorite item in her shop at the moment is her Wildflowers painting because it is an expression of the ordinary being transformed into the extraordinary. Vicky’s favorite color is fuchsia because it is vibrant and full of life.

For many years Vicky was known as “the city gal.” Vicky now resides in the country with her partner, where she finds life much more serene and enjoys being closer to nature. Working from her “own little studio” in the country, Vicky paints, photographs, draws and makes jewelry influenced by her surroundings. Barns, animals, flowers, trees and people are frequent subjects of her artistic endeavors. Vicky is finding that her work is becoming “impressionistic” as she looks at the world abstractly and expresses what she sees as “her reality.” She says, “I like to feel I capture the momentary and transient effects of sunlight by painting in plain air. I enjoy painting realistic scenes of modern life which portray overall visual effects instead of details."

I was totally captivated by Vicky’s Anatomical Landscape 2, a painting that she describes as “an abstract landscape drawing of the body.” I also was attracted to the painting titled Captured showing a majestic eagle soaring in front of an ocean backdrop.

Vicky would love to visit Europe one day. She wants to visit the Louvre to experience the old world art that we’ve all dreamed of seeing “in person.” China is another place that Vicky would enjoy visiting. Wherever she travels, she definitely wants to share the experience with her partner as well as her daughter and son. Vicky describes her daughter as “fun and full of life” while her son is a “survivor” and an “adventurer.” The combination of personalities sounds like the makings of an awesome trip!

Vicky’s Country Rose Artwork can only be found online at Zibbet. Please spend some time looking at Vicky’s interesting paintings. You can connect with Vicky on Facebook, Twitter and The Crazy World of Victoria Rose.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ferosh Kitty Designs ~ Found Only on Zibbet!

What can I say? Beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and kitties—the purrfect combination! Annie of Ferosh Kitty Designs has made making jewelry and taking care of her rescued kitties the focus of her life. Annie is an inspiration to me. A survivor of domestic violence, Annie says that “My life is not what I thought it would be, or what I wanted it to be, but it is my life and every day I try to make it better, keep a hopeful attitude, and get through to see the next day.” All of the proceeds from Annie’s Zibbet shop are used to care for her beloved kitties. Ferosh Kitty Designs on Zibbet “means the world” to Annie and she is very hopeful for its success.

Annie selected the name “Ferosh Kitty Designs” because the use of “ferosh,” short for “ferocious” is playful and hip, but not too hip. Of course the “kitty” part relates to her love for her rescued kitties.

Currently, Annie’s favorite item is her Pink Burlesque Bracelet. Annie says she selected this particular item because of its sparkle and femininity. When trying on the bracelet, Annie feels dressed up, as if she were going out to a fancy dinner or dance. All of Annie’s designs have a vintage look, which she loves. In particular, Annie enjoys the aurora borealis finish, which reminds her of a necklace that her grandmother had. If pressed to select a favorite color, though, Annie would chose purple because of the soothing effect the color has on her mood.

I was attracted to several of Annie’s lovely jewelry designs. I especially like her Jet AB Glass & Hematite Glam Necklace because I am a huge fan of hematite. I also really like her Mocha Swirl Bracelet.

Because she has come through some difficult times in her life, Annie has a heart that desires to help others. When asked if she could trade places with another person for one day, Annie said that she would choose Paris Hilton. Instead of going on a $23,000 shopping spree though, Annie would instead use the opportunity to “help the poor and the needy, and assist the elderly with their prescription drug costs.” Annie would also help animals in kill shelters.

Annie loves animals, and if she could choose to be one, she would of course choose to be a “much-loved cat in a happy home.” She says she can’t think of a happier existence! Annie shared with me a story about an interesting animal encounter. As a child, she visited a zoo and was petting the red pony, oblivious to a sign that read “I bite.” Fortunately, the pony did not bite her! Annie also reported that she hugged a Florida panther once!

Annie’s favorite food is her mother’s vegetable soup because it is both delicious and nutritious. If Annie was an herb, she says she would be basil, because she loves the smell and because it was once called “the herb of kings.”

Ferosh Kitty Designs are offered exclusively on Zibbet. Please take some time to browse through Annie’s shop. I’m sure that you will find something that is just as irresistible as Annie’s sharing personality! Connect with Ferosh Kitty Designs on Facebook, Twitter and This Kitty’s Got Claws.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Caribbean Dreams ~ Found Only on Zibbet!

Close your eyes and for a moment imagine a sandy beach and crystal blue waters, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze and a quiet calm washing over your spirit! When I first met Maria of Caribbean Dreams, I couldn’t help but picture such a scene. But the scene is not complete without a touch of spice! Maria’s vibrant personality and her longing to return to her home in Cuba one day add the final touches to this beautiful picture.

Maria owns Caribbean Dreams on Zibbet, where she offers her original jewelry pieces. Maria works with metal clay, wire and gemstones, designing beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art! Maria is new to Zibbet, joining the community in April of this year. Currently Maria’s favorite item is Fine Silver & Bronze Tree in Moonlight. Maria selected this piece because it “conjures immediate feelings of peace and oneness with the beauty of nature.” Maria is very particular about the gemstones she selects for her jewelry designs and never knowingly uses stones that have been dyed. Because few things in nature have straight lines, Maria’s designs are characterized by curving lines and coils. While window shopping in Maria’s Zibbet shop, I was immediately attracted to her Fine Silver Tree of Life pendant. I also love this Freeform Rhyolite 3 pendant.

Although Maria currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, she dreams of returning to her homeland one day. She wants her husband to have the opportunity to experience true Cuban culture “so that he realizes that making enough food for an army regardless of how many people will be at dinner is a cultural thing.”

Speaking of food, Maria told me that if she were an herb she would be the leaf form of cilantro because it brings a mild spice to foods. She also relates to coriander, which is the lemony flavored seed form of cilantro. Maria says that the changeability of this herb “speaks volumes” to her.

Maria promised herself years ago that she would never grow up. She loves art and has found her niche creating jewelry that reflects the beauty of nature. In response to the question, “If you were an animal, what would you be and why?” Maria said that she would be an eagle soaring on the air currents, looking down on the world with few worries!

Maria is quite happy with her life and can’t think of anyone she would like to trade places with, not even for a day. When asked who she would choose to play the leading role in a movie about her life, Maria’s answer was Lauren Bacall. Maria identified Bacall as a “quintessential strong, independent woman”. When her career in banking suddenly ended due to being laid off, Maria discovered that she is stronger than she thought and is enjoying being able to pursue her jewelry making passion full time.

Maria’s jewelry is available online exclusively through Caribbean Dreams on Zibbet. Please take a few minutes to browse Maria’s shop. Connect with Maria on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Button by Portable Graffiti

I just could not resist sharing this button by my friend Judy of Portable Graffiti. If you sell anywhere, especially if you sell online you need one of these!

While you are clicking around, be sure to check out some of the other fabulous shops on ZibbetThe Zibbet showroom is a great way to browse-click "refresh" in your browser to see a new random group of twenty-five items from the talented artisans and crafters on Zibbet.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

LOC Design Studio on The Girly Place Blog

I'm excited to let you know that LOC Design Studio is being featured on The Girly Place Blog! Please click on over to learn a bit more about us and to enter to win a $25 gift certificate from LOC Design Studio! Also, be sure to visit The Girly Place on Zibbet where you will find adorable handmade tutus as well as a variety of other "girly" items!

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