Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some of My "Duh!" Moments

One morning recently, I entertained myself as I drove to work remembering some of the outstanding "Duh!" moments in my life. What started this train of thought was yet another such experience. As I approached the intersection of the country road that leads from my home to the major highway that leads to my job, I wondered why there was so much traffic. That's when it happened, "Duh!" At that time of the morning, most of the traffic was taking people to work, just like me!

I had a similar travel moment many years ago when my husband and I and our children lived far from the rest of our family for a short period of time. Twice a year we made the eighteen hour trek from NW Indiana to NW Florida to spend a little time with our parents and siblings and their families.We would often head out in the wee hours and drive all the way without stopping to sleep. As we made our way on to the Interstate highway on one such occasion, I wondered out loud about where all of these other travelers were going at such an hour. "Duh!" If I'm going somewhere at such an hour, I guess it's OK for others to do the same!

Then there was the time I frantically searched the house for my glasses only to discover that I was wearing them, and I don't mean on top of my head! "Duh!" I don't know how many times I've washed my hair with body wash! "Duh!" At least once I've sprayed hairspray on my armpit! "Duh!" More than once I have caught myself about to put the dish cloth in the refrigerator! "Duh!"

I'm happy to report that "Duh!" moments are not necessarily a function of age. I'm currently taking a college class to renew my teaching certificate. We have a group project assignment. My group, made up of young college-age women, was busy exchanging names and phone numbers the first day of class. Several of us counted the names that we had written down and were perplexed because there were six of us in the group but we only had five names listed. Then it happened! "Duh!" We had not listed ourselves.

"Duh!" moments make me smile and remind me to not take myself or my circumstances too seriously! I hope that my few examples have made you smile, and even chuckle a bit, as you recall some of your special "Duh!" moments...

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