Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dreaming of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. After the long, hot days of summer, I'm always thankful for the refreshing change in temperature and the anticipation that I always feel as the seasons change. So as I continue to pat my forehead with a pretty cloth hankie (as Southern Belles are supposed to do!) to blot the visible sign of the "glow" brought on by the heat of late summer, I'm dreaming of autumn.

As I browse the great items listed on Zibbet, the wonderful handmade artisan marketplace, some wonderful autumn-inspired items have captivated my attention...

I can't think about autumn without envisioning falling leaves and spectacular color. Golden Autumn quilt by Patchwork Mountain is absolutely gorgeous. What a fabulous way to experience autumn any day of the year!

Denim is by far my favorite fabric to wear. When I spotted this Denium Autumn Pot Holder by Crafts by Carrie, I just had to include it on my list of autumn favorites from Zibbet.

Pumpkins are a classic symbol of autumn. What better way to experience pumpkins than to enjoy a delicious slice of homemade pumpkin pie? The great thing about this Signature Pumpkin Pye Necklace by Pumpkin Pye Boutique is that you wear it on a chain around your neck instead of on your hips!

Looking great while staying warm is a great combination and you can do just that with this cozey Bubble Scarf by All About the Buttons. The color and texture of this scarf are sensational!

And finish off that great autumn look with this scrumptuous pair of Autumn Harvest-Orange Glass Antique Brass Earrings by Estel on Zibbet!

As summer transitions to autumn, I wish for you days filled with blue skies and sunshine. May you experience joy and peace as you count your blessings and enjoy the splendor of autumn!

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Barbra said...

Thanks so much for including my scarf and I must agree-the color and texture are great but I also do love autumn...sadly today it's 93-the summer just won't go!

Portable Graffiti said...

I just googled "Autumn fabric" and this blog post came up. Anyone wants to know about SEO Vicki is the girl to listen to.

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