Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I think Jesse would like...

Yesterday was my younger son Jesse's 22nd birthday. While reading posts in a promo forum on Etsy, I came across several "funky" items that made me think of my Jesse. Thanks for endulging me as I walk down Memory Lane explaining why I think Jesse might like each item that I am sharing and perhaps you will find something you like as well. Enjoy!

The first item that caught my eye was a pretend chicken made of fabric. The pieces are held together with velcro, allowing the bird to be "cut up" for "cooking". This unique toy reminded me of Jesse and a birthday cake toy that he had as a tot. The plastic cake was divided into wedges and came with candles and plates (if memory serves me correctly). Jesse actually wore out two of these toys before he outgrew serving us plastic birthday cake!

For several (most) of Jesse's childhood years, he insisted on having Christmas-themed birthday parties. He loved Christmas trees and all of the accompanying lights and decorations. At one birthday party, we played "Pin the Ornament on the Christmas Tree." Jesse's love of all things Christmas is how this "funky" snowman ornament made my list.

Jesse is an artist and a musician. When I saw Wobble Bowl by AlyshellsCraftShack I immediately thought "funky" followed by "I think Jesse would like this!"

Jesse's older brother Luke was a dinosaur fan for many years. Jesse and some of his high school friends caught "dino fever" at a much later age. So when I found the Jurassic Planter in Treebottom Nursery shop on Etsy, I immediately thought of Jesse and purchased it. Here is a similar planter currently available at Treebottom Nursery:

Jesse enjoys a good cup of tea. Early in my Etsy experience I marked the Teaman's shop as a favorite because I knew that I would be shopping for some tea gifts this year. I don't really think of the tea as funky but I do know that Jesse will like it!

I hope that my trip down Memory Lane will spark some happy memories for you also and that you will visit these Etsy shops, and others, for your gift shopping. Support independant artisans and crafters by buying handmade!

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soulyluna said...

well then, I like jesse! ;)
thanks for the feature. we love it!

ceejay said...

great idea for a feature!

Alyshells said...

Awesome! I love the blog post, very entertaining. I had fun hearing about your son and glad that you think he'd enjoy my bowl :)

TheFrogBag said...

That tea is great! I love the dino planter too. Thanks for sharing!

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