Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Zibbet. Do you?

Zibbet is my handmade selling venue of choice. I have two Premium shops and I am looking forward to a long and successful stay there! Why do I love Zibbet? Let me count the ways...

  1. Customer service is a number one priority for Zibbet--I know that first hand. Responses to questions and technical concerns have always been delivered quickly and professionally. The staff listens and then takes action without ever making excuses!

  2. Listing new items is fast and easy, with only two screens to be filled in with the information about each item.

  3. Photos for each item can be uploaded in a single batch rather than individually.

  4. I can customize the appearance of my shop to make it uniquely mine.

  5. Outside links are permitted, including widgets that add yet another personal touch to my shop's appearance and functionality.

  6. The flat rate monthly charge for my shop, which means no separate listing and transaction fees, encourages me to list more items. A limited number of shops are currently available for $9 per month.

  7. Zibbet's referral program offers both Basic and Premium shopowners the potential to reduce the monthly rate to $0--yes, free for life! What's not to love about that?

  8. There are three different ways for items to appear on Zibbet's front page: the Showroom, the Premium Listing Sample and the Just Listed section. All items have multiple chances to appear on the front page!

  9. The Showroom is one of my favorite Zibbet features. A random selection of twenty-five items appears with every screen refresh. Those items are currently selected from both Basic and Premium shops.

  10. The Premium Listing Sample features a random selection of five items from Premium shops. These are also updated with every screen refresh.

  11. Of course the Just Listed section is exactly that--a continuously changing stream of newly listed items!

  12. The weekly Featured Zibbeter article is always inspiring and serves to introduce to the world the owner of yet another creative and exciting Zibbet shop.
Do you need another reason to consider Zibbet as a venue to sell your handmade, fine art, craft supplies or vintage items? How does a totally free shop sound? Give Zibbet a try for an unlimited time by opening a Basic shop. Basic shops don't have access to all of the features that I listed above but you can upgrade to a Premium shop at anytime. And don't forget about the referral program!

If you are a seller of handmade, fine art, craft supplies and/or vintage items, I hope that you will give Zibbet a chance to become your selling venue of choice too!

For more information about selling on Zibbet, visit Zibbet's Community forum!


Portable Graffiti said...

Great Article! I agree! I have 2 shops also and LOVE it at Zibbet!!

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi said...

I heart Zibbet!

1337 Art said...

I am so excited for Zibbet's potential.

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