Friday, April 9, 2010

Mother's Day Trivia

Did you know that people around the world honor mothers on a special day each year, but not necessarily on the second Sunday in May? Although the second Sunday in May is the single most popular Mother's Day date, it is not the only one. According to Mother's Day Central, the only months that do not include Mother's Day celebrations are January, July and September.

There are more telephone calls made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year according to Wikipedia and

Ann Jarvis, founder of Mother's Day in the US, selected the carnation to represent the day because the carnation was her mother's favorite flower. Jarvis eventually worked in opposition to the holiday that she helped establish because she considered the commercialization an abuse of the celebration.

For more information about Mother's Day, check out these websites:

Mother's Day is May 9, 2010 in the US. Here are a few items that I found on Zibbet that would make wonderful gifts:

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LaDy LaDuke said...

Thank you so much for posting our Feeder Frock!
Very interesting facts about Mother's Day...great job!

Courtney~LaDy LaDuke

Vicki said...

Thanks! I sure wish that feeder frocks were available when my babies were babies. I think these would make great gifts for "new mothers"!

ByMiMi said...

Hi, Thankyou for including me in your blog. I sure do love those colorful flip flops!


loVINK-land said...

Just passing by and found your blog!
Love to see my chickens on PortableGraffiti's button... :)

Portable Graffiti said...

Well what a surprise to see Mother Hen here. This is the first art I think I have ever bought. Now just need to sell 2 Mother Hen buttons to break even, LOL I'll be back for more of your cute-cute artwork, Vink!

Barbra said...

Great post!

Portable Graffiti said...

Back at ya! I wrote a blog post about your blog.

Rachel Heath said...

=0) oh wonderful items, thanks for the great ideas.

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