Friday, May 28, 2010

Country Rose Artwork ~ Found Only on Zibbet!

Vicky Greene of Country Rose Artwork, dreams of one day having her own “one woman art show” at New York’s Chelsea art gallery. Vicky’s art is varied, reflecting phases of growing and learning throughout her life. Vicky enjoys using various media to express dimension and personality. As a child, Vicky dreamed of becoming an airline stewardess. After discovering that she was too short for that career, Vicky chose another path. Inspired by her uncle, Lloyd Menard, a well known artist, Vicky decided that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Vicky says that her best friend would describe her as being a bubbly, thoughtful, family-orientated and adventurous person. Vicky describes herself as “dependable” and a “project‐queen” and of course, an artist. When you look at Vicky’s art, I think that you will see all of these characteristics!

Vicky says that her favorite item in her shop at the moment is her Wildflowers painting because it is an expression of the ordinary being transformed into the extraordinary. Vicky’s favorite color is fuchsia because it is vibrant and full of life.

For many years Vicky was known as “the city gal.” Vicky now resides in the country with her partner, where she finds life much more serene and enjoys being closer to nature. Working from her “own little studio” in the country, Vicky paints, photographs, draws and makes jewelry influenced by her surroundings. Barns, animals, flowers, trees and people are frequent subjects of her artistic endeavors. Vicky is finding that her work is becoming “impressionistic” as she looks at the world abstractly and expresses what she sees as “her reality.” She says, “I like to feel I capture the momentary and transient effects of sunlight by painting in plain air. I enjoy painting realistic scenes of modern life which portray overall visual effects instead of details."

I was totally captivated by Vicky’s Anatomical Landscape 2, a painting that she describes as “an abstract landscape drawing of the body.” I also was attracted to the painting titled Captured showing a majestic eagle soaring in front of an ocean backdrop.

Vicky would love to visit Europe one day. She wants to visit the Louvre to experience the old world art that we’ve all dreamed of seeing “in person.” China is another place that Vicky would enjoy visiting. Wherever she travels, she definitely wants to share the experience with her partner as well as her daughter and son. Vicky describes her daughter as “fun and full of life” while her son is a “survivor” and an “adventurer.” The combination of personalities sounds like the makings of an awesome trip!

Vicky’s Country Rose Artwork can only be found online at Zibbet. Please spend some time looking at Vicky’s interesting paintings. You can connect with Vicky on Facebook, Twitter and The Crazy World of Victoria Rose.

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Portable Graffiti said...

I love the barn and wildflowers. Makes me want to skip down a country lane right now to pick wildflowers.

Nice interview.

You find some good ones Vicki.

ModredVintage said...

Great shop and interview. Thanks for posting this link in the Zibbet forum.

victoriaroseware said...

Thank you, Vicki for posting me in your blog. A great boost for the esteem. I'm sure many don't understand most of my work. Need to find the hot rockers, I guess.

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