Friday, May 21, 2010

Ferosh Kitty Designs ~ Found Only on Zibbet!

What can I say? Beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and kitties—the purrfect combination! Annie of Ferosh Kitty Designs has made making jewelry and taking care of her rescued kitties the focus of her life. Annie is an inspiration to me. A survivor of domestic violence, Annie says that “My life is not what I thought it would be, or what I wanted it to be, but it is my life and every day I try to make it better, keep a hopeful attitude, and get through to see the next day.” All of the proceeds from Annie’s Zibbet shop are used to care for her beloved kitties. Ferosh Kitty Designs on Zibbet “means the world” to Annie and she is very hopeful for its success.

Annie selected the name “Ferosh Kitty Designs” because the use of “ferosh,” short for “ferocious” is playful and hip, but not too hip. Of course the “kitty” part relates to her love for her rescued kitties.

Currently, Annie’s favorite item is her Pink Burlesque Bracelet. Annie says she selected this particular item because of its sparkle and femininity. When trying on the bracelet, Annie feels dressed up, as if she were going out to a fancy dinner or dance. All of Annie’s designs have a vintage look, which she loves. In particular, Annie enjoys the aurora borealis finish, which reminds her of a necklace that her grandmother had. If pressed to select a favorite color, though, Annie would chose purple because of the soothing effect the color has on her mood.

I was attracted to several of Annie’s lovely jewelry designs. I especially like her Jet AB Glass & Hematite Glam Necklace because I am a huge fan of hematite. I also really like her Mocha Swirl Bracelet.

Because she has come through some difficult times in her life, Annie has a heart that desires to help others. When asked if she could trade places with another person for one day, Annie said that she would choose Paris Hilton. Instead of going on a $23,000 shopping spree though, Annie would instead use the opportunity to “help the poor and the needy, and assist the elderly with their prescription drug costs.” Annie would also help animals in kill shelters.

Annie loves animals, and if she could choose to be one, she would of course choose to be a “much-loved cat in a happy home.” She says she can’t think of a happier existence! Annie shared with me a story about an interesting animal encounter. As a child, she visited a zoo and was petting the red pony, oblivious to a sign that read “I bite.” Fortunately, the pony did not bite her! Annie also reported that she hugged a Florida panther once!

Annie’s favorite food is her mother’s vegetable soup because it is both delicious and nutritious. If Annie was an herb, she says she would be basil, because she loves the smell and because it was once called “the herb of kings.”

Ferosh Kitty Designs are offered exclusively on Zibbet. Please take some time to browse through Annie’s shop. I’m sure that you will find something that is just as irresistible as Annie’s sharing personality! Connect with Ferosh Kitty Designs on Facebook, Twitter and This Kitty’s Got Claws.

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Anonymous said...

Great article! She sounds like a very special person and I love her shop!

Mamasakio said...

Thank you both, Annie and Vicki. Well done, Annie, I LOVE your Mocha Swirl Bracelet! Shirley

ModredVintage said...

Great store, it's one of my favorites on Zibbet. I love my bracelet and the customer service I received. I agree, the hematite necklace looks great. Thanks for the interview.

Jonathan said...

We love having Annie as a part of our Zibbet community! Great interview!

Portable Graffiti said...

I love basil too because it makes pesto.

Nice interview.

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