Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zibbet Updates

Last week, due to a sudden and overwhelming influx of traffic and new seller accounts, Zibbet had to shut down while a new server was installed! It was an experience that was frustrating and exciting at the same time! I'm happy to report that Zibbet has recovered beautifully from the failure of its server and from my perspective, is running faster and better than ever.

I believe that Zibbet will ultimately become "the place" to shop for handmade, fine art, craft supplies and vintage items. The venue is currently growing by leaps and bounds, with new shops being opened everyday. If you've not visited Zibbet yet, take a look today.

I love to browse Zibbet using the Showroom function. The Showroom is currently set to randomly display items from Premium shops. The Zibbet front page displays five items in the Showroom. However, if you click the Showroom link in the green menu bar you will be taken to a page that displays 25 items. You can "mouse over" an item to see a larger image as well as the shop info for that item. Simply click an item's image and be taken directly to that item's listing. To see a new page of items, refresh your browser and a new group of 25 items will be displayed!

Here are some links to some of my favorite Zibbet shops:

I'll be listing more of my favorite shops each week so check back often!

I have extended the March coupon sale at LOC Design Studio through April 7. Enter the coupon code LOC0317 and receive 17% off on purchases totalling $25 or more (shipping excluded)!

Also, please visit my A Stitch and a Prayer shop. There you will find original counted thread needlework patterns. I hope to have my full inventory of patterns listed there soon!

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Portable Graffiti said...

Wonderful article! Thanks so much for mentioning my shop of endless buttons. Cheers!

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What a fantastic article! Thank you for mentioning my shop, too! :)

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Very professionally stated. Have a wonderful day and holiday...... spring is on the way

Jewelry by Tara said...

Wonderful article!

Lisa at Visual Journey Photo said...

Very nice. YAY ZIBBET!!!

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