Friday, June 4, 2010

The Girly Place - Found Only on Zibbet!

Joanie of The Girly Place told me that the title of her autobiography would read “My Life as a Child.” She explained that she tries to teach everyone she meets that “being childish doesn’t mean being immature.” Instead, it means seeing the wonder in all things and always being willing to learn. When you visit Joanie’s shop, you will no doubt understand her childlike viewpoint of the world! Joanie’s creations are playful and fun.

Joanie says that she “loves, loves, loves” her Fluff N Stuff tutus, especially the listing for “Choose your color” because the customer can choose up to two colors to create a custom look for that special little ballerina! When I went browsing in Joanie’s shop, I couldn’t resist this little Ladybug Resting FELT Clippie. I also discovered that tutus are not just for little girls. Joanie also offers adult length tutus for the little girl in all of us!

Of course, pink is on Joanie’s list of favorite colors. She also loves yellow because it is a “happy, sunny color.” Light blue makes the list too because “it looks so good on my son.” I asked Joanie to tell me how I would identify her shop in a brick and mortar craft mall, without being able to see to shop name. She responded, “Gee, I haven’t seen any Ba and M tutu shops, so I’d guess all the miles of fluff would give it away!” I think she’s right—I’ve never seen a B and M tutu shop either!

If Joanie could be any fictional character, she would choose to be Spiderman. Can’t you just picture Joanie swinging through the streets, saving the city from bad guys? I can imagine that there is never a dull moment at Joanie’s house. When I asked Joanie to tell me about her most “interesting” encounter with an animal, without expounding she told me that she is allergic to reindeer and that her dad once slapped a bear! See what I mean?

The Girly Place along with All Felt Up can only be found on Zibbet. Connect with Joanie on Facebook, Twitter and The Girly Place blog.

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Leta Porter said...

I Joanie's explanation as "MY Life as a Child"
I am always in wonder and full of questions about new places I visit, people I meet, things I learn,etc... I am always thrilled at something new! Her Tutus are Beautiful~~

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