Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Alice Peterson

Please meet Alice Petterson, owner of Mimi and Colette on Zibbet. Alice is from Palatine, Illinois.

Tell us about yourself… I am married and Mom to a teenage boy. Family means a great deal to me. I spent my early work years in Management then left to raise my son. When the time came for me to return to the workplace the decision on whether to return to Management and it's crazy long hours ( I don't think so) was easy. I chose to try working part-time in the retail world. I am employed at a craft store, going on 7 years and I love it! It's a perfect fit. As a child I learned to sew, cook, bake, crochet and embroider. As an adult, I taught myself to knit, make soap, card crafting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, scrapbook and candlemaking. I still want to master the art of tatting and try my hand at stained glass work.

Describe your “style” and how it sets you apart from your competition. My style can change with my mood but I think most of the time I consider myself practical and classic with a twist of Alice.

What is the “story” behind your shop name? I absolutely adore animals. The first pets I remember having as a child were 2 poodles named Mimi and Colette. Hence the shop name. Originally my shop was to cater to pets only but my family encouraged me to add all the items we use in our home on a daily basis. So now Mimi and Colette still works because my mother helps out with some of the projects. It's funny, I can't tell you which of us is Mimi or Colette. We never did talk about that.

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment? For me, this is an impossible question to answer. I honestly can't choose one. I have carefully created each item to be used every day and I love how they all turned out.

What is your favorite Zibbet shop? Not a fair question lol! There are so many talented artisans here on Zibbet. I love poking into shops to see what's new.

How long have you been a Zibbeter? I am proud to say I have been a Zibbeter since July 31, 2009.

As a seller, what do you like best about Zibbet? The sense of family is the first thing I notice. The communication, being included, helpful people, the lack of drama is a big bonus. The ease of setting up your shop! For me, Zibbet just feels right.

As a buyer, what do you like best about Zibbet? Smooth and easy transactions.

What else would you like the world to know about you and your Zibbet shop? Communication, trust, honesty, dependability. These words describe how I live my life and please know that this is how I run my shop. Custom requests are always welcome at no additional fee. I hope you stop by for a visit! Thank you to everyone for all your support and friendship!

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Portable Graffiti said...

Nice interview Alice.

Nice of you to feature her Vicki.

I'm going to order one of those swiffer things if my next house has smooth floors. I have Mexican Satillo tile floors here.

I hope you sell a million of those because I think the swiffer was one of the worst inventions - an environmental disaster. My hope is that everyone will use the covers you make and stop buying those throw away chemical-laden things you use and then throw out.

I have one of the swiffer mops, but I did not buy it, my sister did. I don't use it. I am saving it for when I can buy reusable fabric covers for floor washing and your covers for dusting.

Wishing you well in your Zibbet shop.

TexasEagle said...

Lovely interview & nice to finally "meet" you Alice! Great job Vicki!

az_peterson said...

Hi everyone!

Vicki, thank you for having me here today!

Portable Graffiti said...

Vicki, you might want to add that thingamabob that allows us to tweet or facebook posts on your blog. See my blog to see it.

ModredVintage said...

I just wanted to add Alice has always helped me out when I had a question-very friendly. I enjoyed the interview.

Leta Porter said...

I love Alice. Very friendly and fellow twitter. I really like the crochet swifter thing ;)

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