Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Sarah Scott

Please meet Sarah Scott, owner of Made on Fifth Street. Sarah lives in Vanderhoof BC Canada with her husband and children.

Tell us about yourself…My name is Sarah and I love Jesus. My time on earth is mostly spent teaching and playing with two of the cutest munchkins you ever did see. My husband and I are in the midst of transforming a former marijuana grow op into a quaint farm house. Coffee is my most beloved indulgence.

Describe your “style” and how it sets you apart from your competition. I create soft sensory toys. I like to choose fabric I think is beautiful or unique in some way. Each of my children has a toy who is their friend. I think this creates security and cherished childhood mementos. I hope to give others this experience through Made on Fifth Street.

What is the “story” behind your shop name? Made on Fifth Street is the name of my shop because well... I live on Fifth Street and craft in my home.

What is your favorite item in our shop at the moment? The Abigail doll is my favorite item. I love the fabric she is made of as well I just love that all of my dolls are soft with sensory features. They jingle, crinkle and have a ribbon tag to touch (or chew as babies do).

What is your favorite Zibbet shop? CLP Studio. Her purses are amazing! All hand painted. I would love to get my hands on one. I love her Full Blossom purse especially.

How long have you been a Zibbeter? Since March 29, 2010.

As a seller, what do you like best about Zibbet? I really like the fee system. I love that you can choose to have a free account and pay after you sell or pay a flat fee. I really like that Zibbet rewards referals too.

As a buyer, what do you like best about Zibbet? I love the showcase. It is a fantastic way to browse items.

What else would you like the world to know about you and your Zibbet shop? I really want people to know that my items were made to bring others joy. Whether it's an upcycled sign or a taggie mini quilt I hope you adore it.

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Leta Porter said...

I love Sarah's items. I stumbled one of her dolls. They are so darn cute!! Leta

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Thanks Leta!

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