Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet Beth Spencer

Please meet Beth Spencer, owner of Chickamoo on Zibbet. Beth currently lives in Tazewell, Tennessee but she is in the process of planning a move to Florida.

Tell us about yourself... I'm a disabled vet, I do beadwork to keep my depression at bay. Been beading for 20 + years learning to design patterns.

Describe your “style” and how it sets you apart from your competition. My style is eclectic--sometimes its a color that inspires or sometimes a pattern.

What is the “story” behind your shop name? From hubby and a native American friend making up names for our family tribe. It stuck.

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment? Sparkling Hoops. I love the colors and the sparkle of these earrings.

What is your favorite Zibbet shop? Lilly's Naturals. I love handmade soaps. This All Natural Organic Sandalwood Spice Bar Soap is very appealing.

How long have you been a Zibbeter? Since April 10, 2010.

As a seller, what do you like best about Zibbet? The community.

As a buyer, what do you like best about Zibbet? All the different stuff.

What else would you like the world to know about you and your Zibbet shop? I also do custom work and glass beads

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ModredVintage said...

I hadn't come across this shop yet on Zibbet, I'm glad you featured it. Love the quality of the beading.

az_peterson said...

Beth has done an amazing job on some custom beads for my bottle bags. Next, I look forward to the charms I requested. She's awesome!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Nice to know another seed beader on Zibbet. What gorgeous work :)


Lilly's Naturals said...

Your items are simply gorgeous!!! Thank you so very much for including my shop, Lilly's Naturals, as your favorite shop. I am truly honored! Best to you and yours, and keep up the amazing work.

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